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Signature Services Waiting for You


Salt Cave

45 Minutes

Relax and recharge in Albuquerque’s only exclusive Himalayan salt cave, made of Pink Himalayan salt rocks, while the ground is covered in smaller Himalayan salt crystals. You will find several chairs around the cave, allowing you to relax and drift off into your own meditation. During your session you are encouraged to sit quietly and unwind, feeling the healing powers of the cave bringing purification and balance to your skin and respiratory system as you gaze into the peaceful starry sky breathing in the salt infused air.

Salt Room 

45 Minutes 

Looking for a more private setting, but with all of the same benefits as the Salt Cave? Our Salt Room is made up of Himalayan Salt bricks. During the session we encourage you to relax your mind and body while receiving all of the respiratory benefits the Salt Room offers.


Foot Detox

30 Minutes 

Escape into our beautiful foot detox oasis. Lounge in comfortable massage chairs while soaking your tired feet in warm water charged with ions that draw out unwanted toxins. Feel refreshed, lighter, or significantly calmer after an ionic detox foot-bath, one of the safest and most effective natural healing therapy on the market today.


Infrared Sauna 

30-45 Minutes

Ancient tradition meets modern wellness in our advanced therapeutic infrared sauna. The hot, dry environment heats the core of your body to expel toxic metals, chemicals, and chronic infection at the deepest cellular level. The booth also features light therapy, allowing for even deeper relaxation, depending on your primary focus.


Bemer Mat Paulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

8 Minutes

Breathe new life into your wellness routine and help your body get to its natural, fully optimal state with BEMER therapy. Using low electromagnetic waves to promote slight movement in blood vessels, BEMER therapy helps to increase local blood flow and circulation, while also providing a non-invasive and drug-free pain relief alternative. Sit back and unwind while the BEMER mat enhances oxygen delivery, promotes healing and improves the body’s overall performance. When your body is working optimally on a cellular level, you feel rejuvenated.


50 Minutes 

Indulge in the soothing sensation of warm water cascading over your skin, coupled with the therapeutic benefits of our Himalayan salt environment. Whether you seek relief from stress, muscle tension, or simply desire a moment of pure bliss, our Vichy service promises to elevate your wellness journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to an unforgettable experience of relaxation and renewal.

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