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The Salt cave 


Just breathe

In a salt cave, halotherapy is provided, which is a natural therapy where individuals breathe in salt-infused air to enhance respiratory and skin health. The serene atmosphere of the cave offers relaxation and various wellness advantages.

Consult a physician for medical concerns before undergoing any treatments. While there is global research on dry salt therapy (halotherapy), the FDA has not evaluated claims made on this website. Dry Salt Therapy does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

Arrive 15 minutes early for your session; late entry is not allowed. Once inside, stay for the entire session to maintain salt saturation. Sign a consent form before treatment.

Store personal items in provided lockers; no food except water.

Cancel at least 12 hours before a session to avoid a $10 fee.


Mon - fri    10am - 6pm    |    Sat - Sun    10am-5pm

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